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Free Construction Proposal Template

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Free Construction Proposal Template

Looking for a free construction proposal template? You have come to the right place! 

Below you will find a free to use template that you will modify in a few easy steps and that will impress your clients. 

Click here to access and edit the proposal template. 

Looking for other construction proposal templates? 

Here are two free templates for construction work. One is for a bathroom remodeling the other for kitchen remodeling. You can edit, preview and send them for free. In them are samples of texts such as greeting messages, payment terms and other texts that can be important to include. 


Do these templates not match your needs? You can create your own from scratch! 

What should be included when you write a construction proposal? (with examples) 

I have helped thousands of construction professionals create proposals that close more deals. I have also been part of conducting an analysis of over 50 0000 accepted construction proposals (5 takeaways to increase your close rate). Below you will find some parts that you should consider including in your construction proposals. 


Table of content for a construction proposal

1. Introduction

Remember, your client are probably talking to more than one contractor. Make sure they remember you by starting your proposal with a personal message that connects back with your client. 

Hi Name

Thank you for the meeting last week. It is an interesting project and we are grateful for the opportunity to present this proposal to you based on our discussion. 

We have a long experience with similar projects and are very much looking forward to add you as one of our happy clients. 

Make sure to read the proposal carefully. If you have any questions or concerns - don’t hesitate to reach out. 

If you think all looks good, it’s possible to accept this proposal att the bottom of this page. 

Looking forward to working with you. 

Your Name 


2. Testimonials 

Before you jump in and describe your project and prices. Try building some trust with your customers. This can be in the form of one or more customer testimonials or a badge with your ratings on a rating site such as trust pilot or google.  


Tip: Remember to keep this short and to the point. Your client are going to firstly be interested in your price, so use information that the client can comprehend with a glance. 


3. Project description

It's time to describe the project, materials used and the price of labour. I recommend that when you are describing the project make sure that a non industry expert can understand it. A common mistake is to use jargong, which the client won't understand. So make sure to write  as simply as possible.  And write it in a way that is logical to follow. For example by dividing up sections of work (electricity, plumbing, installation etc). Or by dividing the project into chronological steps. “start, building, after”. 

Also add a section with information that is not included in the price. This will help your customer understand the limit of the projects and avoid any future misunderstandings. 


Tip: Being crystal clear on what's included and what's not included will save you a lot of headaches and misunderstandings. 


4. Pricing

Add a summary of what's included in the price. There are benefits and pitfalls here depending if you want to be as thorough as possible or not. The most used method is probably to divide up the price into a few categories such as labour, material, travel and waste disposal. 

But you can also be much more specific and divide up by category, provide each article price etc. Remember however that this can put you up for more discussion with your client on different price points. Maybe your client finds one of the articles for a cheaper discounted price somewhere else then you need to be ready to handle that rebution. But at the same time it can show the customer a transparency in relation to other bids. 

5. Extras 

If you have any extra service or offer you can provide the client, write them here! On the docspo template there are clickable alternatives under the main project. Here you can add extra service, faster delivery or any other complementary service. 

You can even let your client build part of the project themselves by adding extra features. Just like when you order a car. I cannot emphasize the strength of this enough. For one, it is upselling on autopilot. If your customers are ready to invest and have already opened their wallet, the chance for them to spend a few extra bucks is really high. There is a reason why McDonalds always asks for the supersize - it works! And you should do so. 

Secondly, making your customer involved in the scope of the project provides a sense of control and a feeling of ownership that will greatly increase your chances of closing the deal. 

6. Payment terms and guarantees 

In this section you want your customer to understand a few important parts about how payment will be made. How often they are going to be invoiced. Are there any cancellations fees or other charges that might apply? What is the procedure if the customer wants to add or change something to your project? 

Make sure to cover the most common scenarios here and phrase it in a positive and easy to read way. Here you can mix a formal language with more informal text. 


Changes and additions. 

If you would like us to add or change parts of the project once started we will always write an addon agreement. This way we guarantee that you can always make an informed decision. We never start any extra work without your written approval. 

Quality guarantee

We alway strive to make our customers satisfied with the work we perform. We aim to deliver the highest quality and to live up to that strive we always leave x years in warranty on materials and methods used. 

Payment terms

This payment agreement shall be made within 14 after project completion. If the payment gets delayed or non-payment you’ll get a reminder fee of $6 and default interest is charged. 


7. Why you?

So now your client has read the project, seen your price and read your terms. Why should they decide to buy from you? I think that this section should be used to highlight your unique selling points. Again, no wall of text here but make a few bullet points on some perks by buying from you. 

This can be a good guarantee program. Industry experience or that you are a hungry newcomer that is looking to change the way business is made. It can be that you have high ratings or are specialized in this type of work. 

Try to think about 2-3 selling points that make your business stand out. 

8. Call to action or next step 

Here I like to put a short ending of how they can sign the contract below and what will happen after they signed. It can for example be that we will be in contact with you within 1 business day to set up a start date etc. 

Oskar Andersson