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  • Analytics dashboard.
  • Zapier integrations.
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  • For teams of 5 or more.
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  • Everything in Pro.
  • Extended branding.
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We're sending beautiful and legible agreements to our clients. We love it and our clients love it.

Tobias Gardebrink
Pro Plus
Legally binding E-signatures
Documents per month
Template gallery
Interactive proposals
Activity tracking & notifications
Integrations for e.g. Hubspot, Pipedrive
Extended branding
Custom subdomain
Salesforce integration
Custom blocks


We've developed and designed our product with security as a top priority. We use bank-like SSL encryption to ensure that all data is secure while in transit and at rest. Each document's integrity is sealed mathematically and can be verified by a third-party.

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Why should I choose Docspo versus other e-sign solutions?
E-signing is just one of Docspo's many features. With Docspo you can get an end-to-end agreement solution. Create drafts, design, approve and sign all within the same tool.
I'm not good at design. Will I still be able to use Docspo?
Most certainly! Docspo is built to be user-friendly from the get go. If you know how to drag & drop with a mouse then you already know how 90% of Docspo works.
Will my contracts and data be safe?
Security is one of our top priorites. All of your documents and data is encrypted while in transit with 256-bit SSL. Signed documents are stored with disaster recovery in mind - all signed documents are stored in LTS-buckets.
Does everyone who needs to sign a Docspo account?
No. Your recipients does not need a Docspo account to sign documents.
What happens if I reach my montly document limit?
Not much. You can either choose to upgrade your plan or wait until next month until your limit resets.
We need help with getting started and making our proposals pop. Can Docspo assist us?
Yep! If you're in need of assistance one of our experts can help you with setting up and designing your templates.
I'm only interested in using your API. Can I?
Yes it's possible. Contact us for more details about our API solutions.
We're a charity. Can you offer us a discount?
Of course! Contact us and we will try to find a solution that works for you.