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Business Proposal Template

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Business Proposal template

Here is a free-to-use business proposal template.

What should a good proposal for web design include?

Start your proposal by connecting back to your customer on your last touchpoint. Thanks for the meeting where we discussed X, Y, and Z. (see here for personal messages to put on your proposal). 

Then you should describe the project with the customer demands in mind. Have they said that their goal is to increase conversion? Use those words. “In order to increase conversion, we suggest the following adjustments”. 

If you have a set offering that you provide your clients. for example a small, medium, and large package type of deal. You can with Docspo display all of these on your proposal and let your client decide which one suits them best. You could also use the multi-package feature to offer more services in combination with the base project. Many projects provide great upselling opportunities. It can be SEO-related services, marketing, etc. If you let your clients click and add the services they want directly on the proposal they will be more likely to accept your offer since they become emotionally invested.

After you are done with the project description you can take some space to talk more about your previous work. Build some trust with your client. You can show a Figma integration where you can showcase a portfolio but you could also show links to other clients, share testimonial videos, etc. 

Finally, Looking at what terms and conditions to put on your business proposal you should of course have the standard payment terms but considering that showcasing previous work is important for any agency make sure to include some text that you have the right to show that your client is a client to you. And that you can use them as a reference for future customers.  

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Oskar Andersson