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Project proposal template

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Project proposal template

Looking for a project proposal template? You have come to the right place. 

Here is a free to use 100% customizable template. 

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Top three benefits:

  • Free to use,
  • Easy to edit with drag and drop function,
  • Interactive: Your client can click and add extra services


Sample texts for project proposals. 

In this project proposal template you will find sample texts of personal messages, payment terms and other contract details. 

Considering that this is a template that can be used in a broad range of fields and industries. It applies a generalist approach that is suitable for most projects. Where you start with a pre-study or analysis of the current situation. In some cases this might already have been done in a pre study and if thats so just remove that part. Anyway for any project it's highly encouraged to do so. Both because it will be used to benchmark the results of the project - did we improve? but also to gain small wins, are there any immediate actions we could take right now? 

After the analysis a strategy/implementation phase is described that has is basis on any conducted pre study or analysis. And it ends with an evaluation phase. Where the implemented changes are compared to the start phase. And suggestions for further improvement are provided. 

Remember that any project whether it be in management consulting, law, marketing or sales has the ability to grow over time. You should see the last suggestions as bridge to future projects. 

Must have in your project proposal:

  • Cancellation & contract time
    Make sure to clear these questions out in the project. How long is the project for? Is it possible for a client to cancel the project? how will then time spent be invoiced to your client.
  • Payment terms
    How often are you going to invoice your client? 
  • Rates
    Do you have different rates for junior resp. senior consultants? Make sure they are included in the contract.

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Oskar Andersson