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Proposal template for SEO projects

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SEO proposal template

This free to use proposal template for SEO will make you win more jobs faster! Why? 

It's beautiful, it's interactive and it puts your client in the front seat. With ready sample text you can use it as is or customize it how much you want. 

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How do I use the template?

  1. Add your logo
  2. Enter your client and your information in the “part” section
  3. Adjust prices, texts and add or subtract articles
  4. Add or remove blocks
  5. Click send and choose delivery method email and/or SMS.

What should be included in your SEO project proposal? 

Before outlining what section that can be beneficial to include in your SEO proposal I wanted to highlight the reasoning behind why putting this in this order. You have to put yourself in the shoes of your customers. This might sound obvious but there are so many proposals sent that not has taken this into consideration. 

First, what information will the client be looking for: in 95% of the cases it is price and scope. 

Number one: Does this fit my budget: yes. Number two: is this what we asked for? Can the supplier deliver on our needs? All too many proposals start off with large sections on what makes their company the best, how they work with certain issues and so on. These things are great, but the client doesn’t care about it right now. These should be included but further down. 

Structure of information - do not spread it out. Many proposal templates mix and match talking about the project with testimonials and company information. This makes it just hard to read and grasp the project. Write about one thing at the time. Here is the project. These are the terms and conditions associated with it. And here is some information why we are the right company for this project with information on our experience and some reviews from our clients. Done. 


Start your proposal with a personal message that circles back to the discussions you had last time (phone or meeting) and try to highlight some of the aspects of the project you know your client is looking for. This might be that you managed to get them a good price or that they can pay in monthly installments. If they have one “specific” request that you solve, try to write that here in the customer's words. 

Summary and goals

When you are working with all kinds of projects, SEO projects include one smart tactic you can use is to ask the clients what the main goals of this project will be. What three key metrics do they want to achieve in order to consider this a successful project. It can be an increase in traffic or conversions or online bookings etc. So start your proposal by stating these goals and objectives and that the proposed solution is based on achieving them. 

Note: Remember that most of your clients are not well-versed when it comes to SEO. So remember to explain why you suggest certain solutions. Really write as if you expect that this is the first time your client has ever heard the word SEO. Avoid business jargon and abbreviations. 

Add pricing. Remember that depending on what type of project this is you can have recurring costs, one time fees or a mix of both. 

Project description

Here you will outline the project. In our template example it is outlined in three phases. Current analysis, implementation and evaluation, iteration + further improvements  Each one containing a thorough description of why this phase is important, what the results will be from it and how that will be used further. 

As a consultant you know that projects often grow over time. That's why I always recommend ending the project with an evaluation phase. This is especially important for SEO projects. It is also a great way to get this particular account to grow over time. Here you can suggest how they can work to further improve their SEO and what parts you can be of assistance with. 


One thing that is closely related to SEO is search engine marketing (SEM). When helping a client implement an SEO strategy it can be wise to also pitch them a SEM strategy that you can set up at the same time. (if you want a proposal template for a pure ad word project click here).

In this example we have added an “adword package” that your client can click to add on top of the original project. You can add as many of these extra features as you want on your Docspo proposals. Remember that these are both away for you to increase your order value and upsell your client. But it is also a way for your client to tailor the SEO project to fit their needs. You put them in charge and let them become more invested in the project when they can tailor it to their needs. 

Terms and conditions

Here you should outline any other terms and conditions that apply when working with you. It can be copyright and right of use with regards to the materai. How payment will be made and how often.  And what happens if the client would like to end the project prematurely. 

Why us and testimonials

Build a little more trust in the end by writing a few sentences about why they should work with you. Do you hold any certifications or can showcase any previous projects? This is the place to do it. 

Oskar Andersson