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Adword proposal template

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Proposal template for Google Ads

Looking for a new proposal template for your adwords projects that will impress your clients and close more deals faster?

Here you go: 



What should be included in an adword proposal. 

When you write a sales proposal for an adword project. There is one thing you always should assume: Your client knows nothing about adwords or search engine marketing (SEM). Having this in mind will help you write text that is easy to read and understand.

Project description

In the example template above we have divided the project into three phases. The first one being analysis and research. To make a successful ad campaign  at a new client you will need to understand where they are today, how the tech stack looks (can we measure success), what their competitor is doing and what ideal customers they are aiming for. This part will give your client so much valuable information that can be used in other parts of their business and you should make sure the client understands this. 

Phase two describes how the ads will be implemented and tested. Most importantly it describes why we should do it like this. The description you provide here can be a way of 

Phase three - iterations and next steps

All consulting gigs can grow. In this part you will describe how you are going to show the results that have been achieved during the project. This is also an excellent opportunity to suggest further improvements that your agency can be in assistance with. I have had so many clients that start with something that seems like a small gig that grows so much over time. This won't happen by itself. If you can bring more value, show that for your client and keep offering that. 

Pricing & extra services

Specify the cost for the project. If it is starting costs, monthly installments or fixed costs or a mix of many. Use one or multiple articles to specify the price as long as it is clear for your client what thewill pay. 

Terms and conditions

Make sure to include any other terms and conditions that apply when working with you. Here you should put information about payments, how will they be made and how often. What happens if your client fails to pay etc. 

Considering that part of the proposed project in this template to create ads you might want to include a section on changes and revisions. How many revisions are included if they want more, how will that be charged etc. It can be dangerous to miss this clause since you can end up getting stuck with revisions over and over again that will impact the margins of the project. 

Another thing to include is copyright. Who will own any content that is produced etc. 

Make sure to further include a clause around termination. Can this contract be terminated and if so how? What will happen if the contract is terminated prematurely. 

Oskar Andersson