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Writing a project proposal

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When you are writing a project proposal there are some steps you can take to make sure you reach your goal and share the core value to your target client. It can at first appear as a dull process but be smart about it, that is why you found this post! This post shares some important parts you should consider including in your project proposal and a project proposal template that can help you get started.

Purpose of a project proposal

The first step is to be clear what the purpose is of your project proposal: Communicate what you can offer, when you can deliver, why you can deliver and the price of the project. It is all about being clear and taking everything into account in the first place so your customer can make the smart choice to choose your proposal. Successful project proposals tend to be detailed and comprehensive. What is included in the project and what is not in the scope of the project? Make sure your customer gets the complete picture and establish trust that your project proposal is the educated and right choice. 

Four parts every project proposal should include

1. Use a clear structure
Help your customer to understand the purpose of the project proposal with a clear structure: Why is the project a priority, what are the intended results and what proof is there about your conclusion? Even for comprehensive project proposals you can help yourself and your customer by telling the story what your proposal can solve and how.

2. Consider what your customer expect
Be aware of what your customer expects from you. If you send a project proposal to a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for a new software or a new house construction to a family the tone, details and quantity might be different. Be aware how your customer probably will compare your proposal with others and be on point.

3. Share your timeline
Help your customer understand how long it will take to complete their project and when it can be done. Does your project take 8 hours to complete or 6 weeks? Are there tasks that are depending on each other or can it be done in parallel to speed up the project? Use your experience and help your customer know what they are saying "Yes!" to.

4. A clear next action
After you send your project proposal to your customer what is the next action? Suggest a clear next step to move forward. After you collect your customers signature what will happen? Be specific what is needed to get the project started and help your customer recognize what they can do to realize their project.

Use a project proposal template

Get some inspiration by using a project proposal template! It is easier to write your project proposal if you get some help with the layout, how to highlight the customers vision and simplify distribution. By using Docspo to write the proposal you can also collaborate during the draft stage. Ready to send? Then you can define in which order any co-workers and customers should sign to move the project proposal forward in the correct order. Use this project proposal template to get some ideas how you can incorporate your value proposition into the project and increase your chances to get your project proposal signed.

Would you prefer not to start from a proposal template but to start from scratch? Start creating your project proposal from scratch here allows you to send it to get it signed when you are ready. Good luck on your next project!


Image: Project proposal template
Image: Project proposal template
Johan Sandmark