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What is a wet signature?

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A wet signature, is the same as your handwritten signature, has been the main way to enter legally binding contracts for centuries. 

If your organisation is relying on wet signatures for your contracts and sales documents you are probably wasting valuable time that could be put to better use. Replacing wet signatures with an e-signing solution using Docspo will increase your sales and reduce time to close. 

What is a wet signature

A wet signature is the same as your handwritten signature. If you sign your name to a physical document you have endorsed it with your wet signature. 

When is a wet signature used?

In most cases it is used to enter a contract that the law requires to be in writing. Some contracts cannot be on other forms than paper. This can for example be some contracts related to properties and will and testaments. 

Most business contracts such as sales contracts, HR-contracts, proposals and bids can be signed digitally. 

When can an electronic signature replace a wet signature? 

An electronic signature can almost always replace a wet signature. In most businesses it will have a positive impact on sales and time management. It also benefits the environment by reducing paper usage. 

Benefits of replacing wet signatures with written signatures:

Reduce time. 

With electronic signatures you reduce turnaround time. By sending the contract over email and SMS you can reduce time from contract sent to contract signed from days and week to hours and minutes. In many cases several people geographically scattered need to sign the contract. Instead of sending this with a courier which is both expensive and time consuming you can just add all the recipients in Docspo and what order they need to sign (see more on signing order) with a few clicks. 

Increased sales

Using electronic signatures instead of wet signatures can give your clients a better buying experience. Docspo documents are in relation to word or PDF documents fully responsive so your message will come across just as good on your phone as it will do on the desktop or iPad. You can also create interactive documents. This gives your client the possibility to add extra services and products right on your sales proposals. It will make your client more invested in the process and increase your We analyzed 50 000 sales proposals to find this.

Record keeping

By sending documents online you get all your outstanding contracts and signed contracts in one place. In relation to sending documents that are signed offline this gives you the power to search and find documents much faster. You will never lose a single document again. 

Reduced carbon footprint

We all need to take care of our planet. By reducing paper and ink you will contribute to less carbon emissions. 


A digital tool such as Docspo will also make it easier for you to keep all your contract templates unified throughout your organization. Any updates will instantly be available to your whole organization. This reduces the risk that out dated contracts are used. 

Using wet signatures in your organization and looking for better options?

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Oskar Andersson